A Day with Powerhouse: Innovative Workspaces hold the Key to Work-life Balance

As work-life balance becomes a priority for individuals worldwide, it has become increasingly important for urban spaces to offer a wide range of amenities that cater to the wellness and convenience of the people who occupy them. Powerhouse, located in Muttenz near Basel, is proud to boast a diverse range of tenants that ensure our occupants have every need met. Keep reading to get a recap of what it’s like to work at an innovative workspace like Powerhouse for a day.

5 Ways to Get To Powerhouse: Directions for every transportation option

Located at the heart of Muttenz near Basel, our building is close to not one, but three different modes of public transport. We also have parking facilities for both cars and bicycles, ensuring our tenants have easy access to their vehicles at all times. Read on to find the best route for your commute to Powerhouse!